Libya one year on... Happy 17th of February!
dana172c February 17, 2012
Barley porridge with glossy date syrup and extra virgin olive oil February 4, 2012

Naturally Sweet Date Syrup

February 3, 2012


Abel dates have a distinctive duo tone skin.

Islamic celebrations follow a lunar calendar meaning that they fall on different dates every year. As such most food traditions tend to be based on year round staples rather than seasonal produce. Miloud, or Mawlid Al Nabi, the prophet Mohammed’s birthday, is welcomed every year with a hearty barley based porridge (aseeda) topped with date […]

Days of White

December 31, 2011


abambar white

White days are those that are full of joy, good and prosperity. Typically a wedding day, a birth of a baby, and a graduation from college are white. There seems to be an abundance of white in Libya these days. It’s raining after years of drought, as this country cleanses itself of the terrible filth […]

A Likely Story

December 31, 2011


Is the almond macaroon a Libyan delight or an Italian inheritance?

Unlike the simplistic Bedouin or Berber lifestyles of most parts of Libya, Tripoli has always been a metropolis, a meeting point of cultures and a crossroad for trade. I can imagine the exotic sounds and smells of the souks in the Medina. Just looking at our pantry you’ll find turmeric from India, tea from China, […]

No Vegetarians Here

November 14, 2010


Grilled osban, a delicacy that is well loved guring Eid al-Adha

Also published on Look Out Libya For a country in which most of the population lives along 1,770 km of Mediterranean coastline, I find it fascinating that lamb rather than fish is the protein of choice in the Libyan Diet. Lamb takes center stage in all Libyan meals and is considered a status symbol where […]

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World Pasta Day

October 25, 2010


I have always been mislead into believing that the Italians have had a great influence on Libyan cuisine, but the more I read, the more this conviction fades.  When we do think of Italian cuisine, pasta is one of the first dishes that pop to mind.  This leads many to the assumption that macaroni (generic […]


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