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This light as air and fluffy as floss bread is simply irresistible! March 24, 2016
Young girls in the spring procession offering Ka'ak to the crowds. These girls represent fertility and will ensure that life will continue for another generation. March 20, 2016

Hand, Spoon, Fork : The Evolution of Libyan Food Culture

March 13, 2016


Vintage colorized photo of Libyan girls cooking outdoors using the traditional methods of the indigenous Berbers. (Image date and source unknown)

Through my endless readings and observations in Libyan Food Culture since first starting the We Are Food project in 2009, I find myself grouping Libyan recipes into three major categories, Hand – Spoon – Fork, or food which would require one of these three as the main eating utensil. From the very humble diet of the indigenous […]

Patriotism and Happiness

February 17, 2012



I just wanted to share some pictures from around Tripoli today (and some of my little BIG girl Dana). Happy 17th of February and Viva Libya!

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Aseeda Barley Porridge

February 4, 2012


Barley porridge with glossy date syrup and extra virgin olive oil

Barley forms the staple grain, along with durum wheat (hard wheat which is made into semolina) in the western region of Libya for both the Bedouin Arabs and the Amazigh Berbers. Barley is usually lightly toasted before being milled into flour used to make an array of pastes, dough and bread. Barley porridge, called bazeen […]

Naturally Sweet Date Syrup

February 3, 2012


Abel dates have a distinctive duo tone skin.

Islamic celebrations follow a lunar calendar meaning that they fall on different dates every year. As such most food traditions tend to be based on year round staples rather than seasonal produce. Miloud, or Mawlid Al Nabi, the prophet Mohammed’s birthday, is welcomed every year with a hearty barley based porridge (aseeda) topped with date […]

Days of White

December 31, 2011


abambar white

White days are those that are full of joy, good and prosperity. Typically a wedding day, a birth of a baby, and a graduation from college are white. There seems to be an abundance of white in Libya these days. It’s raining after years of drought, as this country cleanses itself of the terrible filth […]


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