Coffee and Culture

I have often heard nostalgic stories from my mother and looked at endless pictures of Libya’s golden years, a time that seems to good to be true for people of my generation. The 1950’s and 60’s, that brief period when Libya gained independence and Tripoli was a thriving progressive metropolis, and Libyan Muslims coexisted with Jews; and expats from Europe and the US. If it weren’t for the pictures, I would find it hard to believe that Libya  was once a model of modernity for the rest of the Arab world!

But if you look closely – away from the war and politics – you will find the signs of our promising past, and our love for life.  Coffee houses, a cornerstone of civilian life for over 450 years, are at the core of Tripoli’s efforts to rebuild itself as a peaceful urban center of culture and commerce.  Cafes are a beacon of hope at a time when we have all but lost it. Join me as I explore the story of Libya’s coffee houses, past and present, at The Culture Trip,  a website dedicated to food and culture from all corners of the Earth.

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Feature Image opposite: La Gelateria Polo Nord in Mizran, Tripoli in 1958.


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